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KBN - 2 Series W/Rinsing Feature
Turn Table Parts Washers

KBN2 AR 01-min
KBN2 AR 02-min
KBN2 AR 03-min
KBN2 DR 02-min
KBN2 DR 03-min
KBN2 DR 04-min
KBN2 DR 05-min
KBN2 DR 06-min
KBN2 AR 01-min
KBN2 AR 02-min
KBN2 AR 03-min
KBN2 DR 02-min
KBN2 DR 03-min
KBN2 DR 04-min
KBN2 DR 05-min
KBN2 DR 06-min

KBN2 Series W/Rinsing Feature Turn Table Parts Washers


The parts are poured in horizontally bedded scroll through the inlet port and while moving through the spiral toward the outlet port of the machine they are washed by alkali chemical pulverized via nozzles. Because the part is rotating and rolling up and down in the drum it’s every piece is being washed. In this machine parts are being dried after the wash. This machine is used mostly for the parts which are not suitable for washing in basket, it is appropriate for degreasing, deburring and cleaning. It attains the maximum saving in the expenditures made for the cleaning quality aimed at this sort of washing process.


These devices are used for parts,
- Cleaning oil/Burr and contaminants on the surfaces,
- Preparing surfaces before painting,
- Removing the stain on Metal Surface,
- Performing phosphate processes,
- Cleaning the surfaces before welding.
Some of the industries where KBN2 Series parts washing machines are used are as follows;
- Automotive spare Parts Production Factories,
- Machine and part manufacturers,
- Medical Parts and Device manufacturers,
- Automobile Repair and Maintenance Services
- Work machines Repair and Maintenance Services,
- Bus Maintenance Services
- Truck and Heavy Vehicle Services,
- Motor Revision and Rectification Services
- Industrial Factory Maintenance Units
- Military Maintenance Units,
- Public Maintenance Services

Dolfini Rakiplerinden Ayıran Özelliklerimiz,

Our After-Sales Service,
Full Compliance to CE Standards,
AISI 304 L/ 1.4301 Stainless Steel Main Body,
AISI 304 L/ 1.4301 Stainless Steel Pump,
AISI 304 L/ 1.4301 Stainless Steel Tank,
Dual Filtration,
Precise Filtration
Secure Full Protection,
Wide-Range Functionality

Standard Features :

AISI-304 Stainless Steel Main Body
AISI-304K Stainless Steel Tank
AISI-304 Stainless Steel Electro-Pump
Electrical Resistance Heater
Mechanically Driven Washer Basket
PLC Controlled
Touch Screen Control Board
Prescription Feature
Basket Positioner
Temperature Controller
Tank Level Protection
Infrared Hand Protection
Dual Filtration
Cover with Pneumatic Piston
Steam Relief Fan
Emergency Stop Button

Optional Features :

Oil Scraper (Disc Type)
Automatic Tank Discharge Unit
Precise Filtration
Automatic Tank Filling
Vapour Exhaust Unit
Cascade System Between Warehouses

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