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Utilization Fields

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Automobile Servicing and Maintenance Industry

Where repair and maintenance services are conducted, – Automobile Services – Bus services – Truck and Heavy Vehicle Services, – Military Maintenance Units, – Public Services Maintenance Units, – Motor Revision and Rectification Workshops, – Coil Winding and Small Hand Tools Repair Services, In addition to washing the motor parts of automobiles and all vehicles, it is used for parts pre-assembly cleaning during and after the revision of the transmission box, gearbox, transmission elements, bearing rod and ball joint group that contain oil and dirt.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: PYM – LYM – KBN – ULT SERIES
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Metal Processing and Machining Industry

It is used for the cleaning of all steel, brass, copper, aluminium, titanium parts manufactured through machining, welding, sheet metal shaping (pressing), injection and similar methods in industry, as well as the impurities such as burr, oil, sawdust, dust, rust remained on them after manufacturing. Particularly when it is related to high precision (targeted number and amount of particles) or cleaning for general conditions, parts washing machines designed according to part geometry and production quantities are used. Washing of the automotive spare parts being manufactured is the most common area.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: PYM – LYM – KBN – ULT SERIES
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Transportation Industry

 Metro and Tramways, Transportation – Aircrafts, – Both in the manufacturing processes and maintenance services of the ships – Cleaning of the motor bodies, – Cleaning of the motor parts, – Cleaning of the turbines and bearings – Cleaning of the fuel injector, -Cleaning of the pistons, -Cleaning of the Landing Gear are areas where parts washing machines are used.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: KBN – ULT – RTS SERIES
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Defence Industry and Weapon Industry

Parts washing systems are used for targeted and appropriate washing of the weapon and vehicle parts manufactured in the defence industry such as barrel, bullet casing, process contamination on weapon components, sawdust oil and burrs.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: KBN – ULT – KNV SERIES
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Medical and Medicine Industry

Washing machines are used to clean industrial oil and burrs after the production of orthopaedic components (prosthesis, surgical nails and apparatus). Our parts washing machines are used for the removal of oil, dust, blood and similar impurities that arise during the production or use of surgical instruments and devices that are used in hospitals and laboratories.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: KBN – ULT – RTS SERIES
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Galvona and Paint Coating Industry

Parts washing machines are used to remove oil, dirt and rust before coating or painting on metals to increase the quality of the coating or to extend the life of the coating baths. Particularly the preparation of the metal surface before painting is vital for the total quality of the paint to be coated. Particularly for iron phosphate coating, our parts washing machines work very effectively.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: VDL – KBN – KNV SERIES
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Bolt / Nut and Fittings Industry

Dolfin VDL series drum type washing machines are the biggest assistant of the manufacturer in order to remove the contaminants such as oil, burr, phosphate on the small parts such as bolts, screws, nuts and washers that are manufactured in multiple units in a unit time and to protect them against rusting during the shipment process.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: VDL – ULT SERIES
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Food Industry

Our special washing devices in a format appropriate for the food legislations are the biggest assistants of the business owners in cleaning the protein, blood, dough and carbon burns formed on the transport cases, cooking containers and trays that are used in the food, catering and pastry industry.
Industry Compatible Machine Models: KBN – KNV SERIES